Alexey Krivlutskiy – The leading expert in all units of the car, on all length of his activity, he repeatedly solved complex problems. Professional and authentic approach to each client and car is a pledge of qualitatively executed work.

In 2009, one of the first who dropped” the engine M54 in the E36 Compact

Z3   3-liter M50

In 2014, completed the Restoration E34 Touring, it is the same, as a result – M5

E36 Coupe with S38

E34 from the of the M5 3.8 from scratch” This project requires special attention , the assembly began with a bare body, all the details, up to the rubber under the washers fastening wipers on the trapezoid-the original. The Aim is to restore the resource close to the plant.

The Most outstanding E53 X5-Completed project, as a result of 5.0 M62, with Pistons S62 and Rasprev. Shafts Alpina, at the same time do not forget, for a rich motor, good brakes 5.0 F15